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Unable to open database?
You can not receive your data out of tables?
Catastrophe!!! Not always...

Unfortunately Microsoft Access databases are subject to occasional corruption issues. What causes database corruption? What can be done to prevent it? How to repair a damaged database? The answers to these questions you will find in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base articles:

After you have tried all the steps recommended by Microsoft Knowledge Base to recover tables and have not got it however, there's still a chance to recover your data. There are a number of third-party companies who specialize in doing that. Here are some of them:

By searching on the Internet you can find some other companies that specialize in this area.

I have a good experience in recovering corrupted databases as well. My experience is based on studying the format of mdb-files.

If you want you can send me your corrupted database and I will try to recover as many data as possible. The report about the possible data recover and about how much that could cost will be sent to you at the earliest possible date. The files can be sent to the following e-mail:


Maximum size file you can send is 6 Mb. For this reason the large size databases should be archived. In case the archive is larger than 6 Mb you need to create split archives (for example by using WinRAR).

You can also provide your FTP server where I could take the corrupted database from and keep later the recovered one.

Finally you can send your database on CD. If there is such a necessity write to my e-mail and I'll provide you with my post address.

Please remember you have a choice. For example you can send your database to datarevive.com and to me and then compare the reports and prices.

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